chocolate course with Slattery’s

Whew!.what a week, but a good one.

I’ve just come back from the Slattery’s 5 day chocolate experience course. will lead you to view the courses they have on offer. I thoroughly recommend them to anyone with an interest in chocolate. They also offer pattisserie and cake decorating courses if you’re interested in that.

In fact day 4 of the course I was on was the day for cake decorating using chocolate. I’d fully expected to not really be involved emotionally with this as I’ve no real interest in that sphere of things but I loved it and felt so pleased with what I achieved. Being me, of course, I find it hard not to compare my offerings with everyone else (and find myself lacking :-() but I had a real ego boost with the cake. I’m friends with one of the owners daughters through a completely different connection ( and we (Kate, HH and I) went out for a meal with some other friends. As the other couple had thankfully and thoughtfully traveled some distance to meet up with us I felt the least I could do was to give them the cake I’d made that day as a ‘thank you’.  The restaurant staff seemed bowled over by the cake which was lovely and flattering. By the way the meal was really tasty so if you’re ever in Manchester near Prestwich area try the Istanbul grill – beautiful meal.

ImageThe finished piece minus wrappings.

As you can see we made decorated slabs, pouring ganache on the cake, decorated with chocolate ruffles and fans and cigarillos (which are a real pain in the ass to make I have to say, they seem so simple but there are so many ways it can all go hideously wrong – and I think I worked my way through them all! Argh!), decorated and coloured mini baubles and the use of silvering and attaching the baubles.

Some of the others cakes were fabulous. Here are a few


Hugo’s cake

ImagePaul’s cake

ImageThere are lots of photos – there were 12 of us in the class and all the finished cakes looked wonderful, thanks to Mike’s, our tutor, guidance and perseverance.

I’ll post more of these and how we got to the final stage and our other days work on another post.


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