Chocolate bars

I’ve had a new (to me) small temperer for a couple of weeks now and not got round to trying it out.

Today rectified that. What a difference.

I’ve been struggling recently with the microwave method of tempering, I’m not sure why as I’ve managed it successfully plenty of times before. Maybe the hot weather was a problem… The new machine is a rev 2 (Chocovision Revolation 2) bought on eBay. It deals with a small amount compared with what I can (normally) do in the microwave but it’s consistent and quick.



I decided to use the bar moulds to see how much would be filled with the amount I’d put in to temper. I got 2 full bars, think it would be the full 3 but I botched things up and dribbled into the middle mould:  I didn’t have space to empty the bowl into the moulds and scrape off the excess into bowls,as I was working at home and not in the studio flat. 😦

Anyway I used the little flower moulds instead of a 3rd bar. These worked alright but I found the light plastic too flexible so I didn’t get a neat scrape off the back and it was hard to knock the bubbles out of the moulds too.



I used tinctures in the chocolate to keep up the herbal theme.for one bar I used Licorice tincture in the chocolate and I sprinkled the back of the bar with Star Anise flavoured sugar. The sugar was made with Fair trade demerara sugar with Star Anise tincture added to give a damp sugar. This was put into a baking tray and lightly baked and dried in a low temperature oven. The sugar was taken out and partly ground up to break the newly formed lumps into smaller pieces. The tincture was from Baldwins herbal suppliers as I had run out of some of the  flavours I was wanting to try.


The second bar had Elderberry tincture added to it, and had Elderberry tincture flavoured sugar shaken over the back of it, though I kept some of the lumps in it to see if the taste came out more.


The wee flowers were made from the same elderberry tinctured chocolate as the second bar.

I think they look quite good overall and am pleased with the new machine. I definitely need more space to work though working in my own kitchen was never on the cards with the dogs being at home.

I ‘d ventured into a car boot sale, as I routinely do – to the horror of friends who say I/ we have far too much stuff already (it’s true we do, but so much is useful, at least that’s what I keep telling myself :-)) anyway, I’d come back with a rather nice pressed, green glass bowl with leaves and acorns ‘n’ things on the base and sides.


I wondered if it would release the chocolate if I used it as a mould, and behold


it does, though I was tentative about banging it vigorously to release the bubbles, so there are some present. I only really covered the base as I wasn’t sure if I’d get the chocolate out. I think the bowl has potential though, permit me an evil chuckle, hah! another excuse to go to car boot sales; to look for unlikely items that may be possible chocolate moulds!


2 thoughts on “Chocolate bars

    • Hi Judith, so glad you liked it. Best way is to via email at present ( or this way as no web shop …yet. I do other flavours too have you tried them?

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