Honeysuckle flower and Lemon Balm chocolates

The Honeysuckle flowers had been sitting in cream for a day and I thought I’d better use them in something.

I strained the flowers from the cream and kept the liquid. White chocolate was melted and the cream added to the chocolate; the cream should be heated up first. About 2 tablespoons of butter were softened and added to the mix. At this point I found that the chocolate drowned out the taste of the honeysuckle as it was too sweet,so I added more of the cream, forgetting to measure and note what I was doing – typical of me, lol. Will I ever manage to get a standard recipe that is repeatable – not if I carry on like this!

Then it was a bit runny so more chocolate was added, then it was a bit of a juggling act to balance sweetness and taste.

I ended up using Lemon Balm tincture to help preserve the cream content in the filling, this also helped to thicken up the mix as the chocolate doesn’t like the alcohol and shocks itself into thickening. The Lemon Balm added a hint of alcohol but actually brought out the flavour of the honeysuckle. I find that the honeysuckle taste is more of an aftertaste, lingering on the palate, while the Lemon Balm is more of an initial taste.

I used the dark chocolate as a shell, mainly because I’m a dark chocolate fan, but also I found the filling was on the point of being too sweet for me and needed the slightly bitter counterpoint of the dark chocolate. A standard 53.8% Callebault was used for the shell.



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