Iris Charity Fair

A colleague in the massage field suggested I take a stall for the chocolates at a charity event held by Iris yesterday.

Iris is a charity for people with cancer, or are supporting people with cancer. They try to provide alternative therapies for clients who are wanting to try to relax or relieve pain. They have worked in conjunction with the massage wax suppliers ‘Tui’ to come up with a wax that is smooth, gentle and non harmful to clients who are going through,or come out the other end of, chemotherapy .


The Tui wax has mandarin and citrus scents and is called ‘Zest’. As a homage to the work done by the charity and the Zest wax we thought we’d like to incorporate some orange and lemon into the chocolates we were taking along.

This was all well and good except I didn’t have any stock left over! I’ve so busy with life the universe and everything (snuck in a Hitchhiker’s reference there) and lots of teaching and Tees being on a chocolate course with Slattery’s that I’d got way behind with making chocolate. So poor Tees had a rather rough introduction to making chocolates with me, he was thrown in the deep end, given instructions and told that (a) he could do this (b)what to do and (c) to get on with it…oops and on Valentines week as well, bad wife (hangs ears and head down).

He came out of it rather well as he came up with the idea of, and therefore made (well volunteered that man!) the filled orange and lemon truffles, which were very tasty and zingy.There was even a box of them sold!


We decided to go for the usual bars and flavours as they normally prove popular. We’ve got several dark chocolate bars now and took quite a few of the Basil and Raspberry, Rose and Cardamom, Juniper, Juniper and lemon, Siberian Fir with Cranberry medley,and the newly tweaked Rosemary with strawberry and mint.


The milk bars we decided on were a plain milk with pecans and some honey flavoured buttons (for Tees, he likes them) and the Chai, which we put the lemon slices and sugar sprinkles on in homage to an afternoon drink of tea.

I liked the idea of a Gin and Tonic ( who doesn’t ?)chocolate and since I normally do Juniper, it made sense to pair that up with the citrus theme for Iris et voila! The ‘Slice of G & T’ was born. A crystallised and dehydrated slice of lemon generously dipped in Juniper chocolate. nom nom nom.

We also added the lemon slices to some Juniper bars and the Chai bars too. Orange was not left unscathed and got the chocolate treatment too. We crystallised and dehydrated some orange ‘batons’ and dipped those in plain dark chocolate, and also added them to the new Lemon White chocolate bar. I added some bits of ginger to it too, as I can’t help myself with ginger!

All in all, it all went rather well. We met some lovely people, got to play in a small, safe setting for fairs and learnt about setting up a stall….and we even sold some stuff! How good is that!

IMG_3895       our stall set up

IMG_3896 we discovered that sample plates are very popular, perhaps best to use different plates for each choc in future as it got a bit confusing!

IMG_3899HH trying to be inconspicuous…and failing miserably.Check out the cheeky half smile! Mona Lisa meets ZZ Top! Thanks HH for all the help the week before, gofer-ing, and helping to load and unload xxx