Craft Fair at Kirkton of Skene

I’ve just come back from a craft and dog fair held up in Aberdeenshire.

I had planned to do lots of things to make the travelling ‘worthwhile and eco-friendly; meet up with someone to (finally! oops) give them their order, meet up with a shop interested in the chocolates, link up with a past student and great graphic designer, and of course, to be there at the fair. All of which for various reasons didn’t happen, except for the fair, but that’s many other stories, too boring to regale you with.

I was put up with Corinne Gillespie, a co-reflexology tutor with me, fellow therapist in lots of fields and friend. ‘Put up with’ in every sense as I was interrupting her packing and moving, kept her late for meal making by chatting and disturbing her in the morning with my silly o’clock it’s daylight it must be morning (it’s 5 am for heaven’s sake woman, why can I not sleep in. in Summer?!)

The fair was in aid of the SSPCA and so had a dog show attached to it, a more formal one and also a general round of categories; agility, fun agility, waggiest tail, best veteran dog, etc.


With hindsight this might not have worked well for us craft stall holders inside the hall. While a lot of people came, they came with their canine friends, and it was warm weather, so they weren’t allowed to bring the dogs in to the venue and they couldn’t leave the dogs in the car (NEVER leave your dog in a car on a hot day, even with windows open – it gets hot enough to cook an egg on the dash – seriously! I’ve seen the vid, heat + car= dead dog – no not that in a vid, ugh! the egg cooking on a dash vid…).

On an aside we have an insulated dog trailer with ventilation for sale if there are any offers out there, interested-get in touch, please, it’s cluttering up the yard – we look like the old Rag and Bone Merchants of yesteryear – remember Steptoe and Sons – that’s us that is!

Anyoldhoo, back to the plot…There were some great people who did pop in and sample and talk to me, and great other stall holders – we ended up buying more off of each other! Also advice on business, plans, what’s a good show, where to go, who to see etc. So we had a good networking session.

I bought a lovely wee hair clip from Designs by Freda ( can be found on facebook) who does lovely fascinators and hats, these were made in sinamay, so I only got a wee one as the dogs LOVE sinamay – must be the glue in it, hmm crunchy then chewy, luvverly.



Also bought a robust bootscraper from Horseshoes Everlasting (also on facebook). Everything made from, you guessed it, horseshoes. A wonderful large sphere, that I’m not sure how I’d get into the car at the other side is being seriously considered to be made to order from them. It would look great in the garden with grasses and plants growing through it…




Last thing I bought was a knitted ring from BeauElle. Rachel makes her own jewellery. The ring I bought is made from clay rolled into even pieces and rolled and woven together so it really looks like it’s knitted. Lots of colours and comfy to wear.





OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I bought a burgundy one.

I sold the most out of the day compared to the other stall holders – but hey, it’s chocolate!

It was the first time that the new Chai Latte bar was officially introduced to the world, and it did pretty well. Also 2 experimental – as in ‘I- have- some- left- over, what- can- I- do with- it- as- it’-s about- to- over- thicken- and- I- don’t- want- to- re-temper- it’ experiments were thrown into the mix – and one sold out and the other did quite well too, so they might become regular additions.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The hot chocolate kit mugs did better than normal.



I’d made only 3 bars of Geranium and Lavender milk chocolate, decorated with crystallised Rose petals and Lavender flowers – they sold out – they do look pretty if I say so myself. The other experiment was in dark chocolate, another Rosemary flavoured one but as I’d run out of my dehydrated strawberry (note to self, need to go to pick your own or forage for wee wild ones up the woods) I couldn’t finish doing the usual Rosemary, Strawberry and Mint bars, so having unused Rosemary chocolate, I played with it, and added dried, ground strawberry powder and dried, ground orange fruit and peel powders to the mix, and decorated with orange batons. They proved quite popular too. They taste good but have a grainier feel in the mouth, but as you feel the slight roughness, you also begin to get the flavours of the powders coming through.

All in all, a good day exchanging husky destructive horror stories, meeting up with Corinne, business ideas etc.



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