piecing brings me peace

I have had numerous dog related incidents with dye products (indigo, still gruesomely and indelibly etched in my memory!)  and fragments and samples that have been dyed.

To get the bits out of the dogs way (namely husky girl) I thought that rather than put them in an organised book (which would be sensible), I’d try to make something with them. Things, literally, came together. Husky girl tends to leave a trail of fur and destruction wherever she goes. On one day she left an old linen, hardbook covered book in tatters. I’m not sure what it is with the old books, but she and the spaniel both have occasional bibliophobic tendencies for the older hardbacks. My theory is that the old books utilised animal based glues to keep the spine, linen etc together, and this is what they smell out and kill, very effectively. The cover is normally ripped off, chewed to a greater or lesser extent, the flappy pages shaken thoroughly into submission and given a bit of a doing generally.

On this day I salvaged a somewhat chewed but relatively intact cover separated from it’s pages. It was dark blue linen with rather nice 1920’s-30’s stylized cover and edges for a book of children’s poems.

IMG_4231 opened out cover to see all of outside of sewing book

I found myself absentmindedly handling this and beginning to patch and piece together my dyed samples. I started using bigger pieces of fabric that would have almost covered the book, but found myself cutting up big pieces and distressing others, using smaller and smaller scraps at times.

The patched cover was pieced together off the book for the most part but started being stitched over the wadding and the book cover, encasing the hard, chewed cover.


It was meant to be a book cover for the cover but ended up covering it all. I thought what to do with this now – answer – a sewing kit book! It needed areas for pins, needles, scissors etc.

IMG_4212 wadded area for padding and pin cushion



Tees had old shirts that had been damaged by age, time, him or dogs and were being  ‘re-resourced’ at they say now. I decided to cut up one of the padded sleeves off of an winter shirt and stitched layers together to form a padded wadge.

I used felt samples from old projects that had been dyed in the past. I loved finding the mini kids waistcoat with the pocket – this became the scissors holder.

IMG_4214 upside down picture – pocket is the right way up! pleased with my ‘catch’ to keep them in 🙂

I haven’t finished yet, as I now want to stitch into the cover itself. New circumstances are arising and I need my pockets of peace. I find hand stitching brings me that peace, so there may be a heavily decorated wee sewing book at the end!


Pictures – showing a disturbing amount of dog hair on and possibly sewn into the samples and book!

IMG_4213  IMG_4215

IMG_4216 IMG_4222

IMG_4219 Old buttons salvaged from things or found in the sewing box I inherited. This felt sample sewn down middle horizontally to give me 2 horizontal pockets – tape measure?

IMG_4221 This sample is a vertical pocket, holding buttons and a seam ripper


IMG_4229 IMG_4225

IMG_4226 IMG_4227


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