Searching for the perfect gluten free chocolate brownie version 1.0

There’s been a lot on my plate this last year – probably why I’ve been putting on weight! That and comfort eating. Anyway, not going there. Suffice it to say that I’m needing more comfort food again, with my brother in and out of hospital, and in… and the kitchen and heating not working well, and roof leaks, you get the idea.

Well, not being able to temper chocolate as I need it at the moment it has given me the chance to try out brownie recipes (and I want to have a go at fudge ones too). I’ll just deal with one at a time. I try to find a silver lining in most things.

This one is a moot point as to whether it should be on here – you see, shh- I’m cheating. After all don’t we all try a packet mix from time to time..? Well I haven’t, so I thought I’d give it a go and look at what is in it and compare, contrast and tweak in future. It would give me an acceptable comparison.

So I started with Udi’s gluten free brownie mix which I got at Tesco.

IMG_7816  IMG_7819

Hmm, so it’s basically sugar (and I can modify the sweetener in a variety of ways for future attempts), chocolate chips (which I can certainly use better quality ones than are being used here), cocoa powder (I can swap in cacao powder, although raw may be affected with the heating there are probably still more benefits to be had), and the rest is basically flours and thickener. Rice, potato and maize are over treated and over used, how about trying some different ones… coconut, almond, chestnut etc.

I bodged the recipe a bit as due to HH health issues we have gone low fat so he uses the lightest Lurpak, which is pretty naff, in the interests of a ‘normal’ recipe I thought I’d give it a go – cut with some coconut oil. What they tell you to do is…


So off I go a mixing. I love my mixing bowl – it comes from a potter between Keswick and Penrith. I came across her at Potfest – which always sound dubious to me! 🙂 Wonderful things – if there’s one in your area, please make time to go. They have everything from 50p ceramic buttons to £5,ooo garden sculptures and everything in between. Here’s Jan’s site , well worth a look, we’ve got quite a few pieces from her over the years. I love the nestled mixing bowls – which I believe is a complete pig to make.

IMG_7811 IMG_7812

I used these nuts -they either came from Lidl or Aldi, both these shops sell good quality nuts at a good price.


I used my new measures that a friend gave me for Christmas, as I felt the need for hugs 🙂


Off the mixture popped into the oven to give the following transformation…

IMG_7813                 IMG_7824

Now it is cooling before cutting I’ll pop up another picture later -in version 1.1, of it on a plate with a topping or what it goes with. I thought coffee salt sounded nice, or a fudge sauce, or warmed with ice cream. Better stop it there, I’m only encouraging small dog and his salivating 🙂 Not helping HH with his low fat diet either!