Hello, I’m Jill and welcome to Hedgetables.

This is a (very) new business and blog which has the remit of working with all things herbal.

This is normally in the form of hand made chocolates and confections with dips into bakery goods,cakes and even crafts.

The aim is to make as many of the ingredients from herbally derived products as possible and use these in the making of the chocolates or baked goods. The herbal products are trying to made by me ( as much as possible or practicable) from local foraged or sustainable plant materials.

Some of this sites posts will be recipe based, or about foraging the materials, or about making some of the items to go into finished products, for example syrups.

My aim is eventually- in the not too distant future- to sell my goods and the products that would make them; Elderberry tincture cyrstallised sugar for making biscuits or cakes, or Gorse syrup to go alongside desert, and of course my favorites; medicated honeys that are wonderful in chocolate.

I have always loved plants and the ability they have to make us feel better through their appearance, smell and constituents.

I am still a practicing Remedial therapist and Aromatherapist with a strong interest how the plants ingredients work on our bodies and minds so there will probably be posts on the herbal constituents as well from time to time – be warned, there may be a test later !

I welcome comments and feedback, and please direct questions to hedgetables@btinternet.com

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    • Thank you for that lovely comment. Have you tried the Geranium, strawberry and szechuan pepper too? It’s in milk chocolate too, and rather nice if I say so myself;-)

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