Raw Strawberry Fudge- ish

I harvested a lot of small wild strawberries from my garden the other day. Most of these are being dehydrated whole for decoration to my dark Rosemary bars (Rosemary with dried strawberry and crystallised mint). I had some left over and added more locally grown strawberries to the start of the fudge.




This fudge recipe is adapted to one from  http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/2014/07/10/chocolate-covered-strawberry-fudge-bars/.

The recipe for the truffle/ fudge is raw and you can use a raw chocolate to coat, or cheat and use normal chocolate. If you coated in dark, it will still be dairy free. The recipe in the link above gives a proper fudge while the runnier fudge that I made can be used as a desert, mousse, ice cream substitute, or used as a filling for chocolate.

I had some issues; being American there is of course the cups to grams measurement and a slight difference in language, or at least, my understanding of what is meant, which may well be a different thing entirely! 😉

This all may have lead to my fudge being more fudge-‘ish’ than fudge. ‘Ish’ to the point of being entirely different, but it’s still tasty and being thoroughly appreciated by Helpful Husband. So here’s the fudge-ish recipe:

Sightly less than a pack of creamed coconut – 180g


A punnet of strawberries- 200g

Good couple of turns of salt mill

1/4 tsp of ground cinnamon

1/2 tsp of ground cardamom

1 1/2 tbs of syrup (Agave or maple was recommended, but I used my Blackthorn flower syrup that I made earlier in the year for a more herbal component)

Tempered chocolate for coating


1. Hull and blend the strawberries with a stick blender. Use a high sided container or by the time everything else is added the mix will attempt to coat the kitchen walls, your hair, glasses etc! 😉

2. Melt the coconut cream and blend it in with the puree. The original recipe called for coconut butter, which is apparently the solid white version of coconut oil, which I have loads of but that is ‘oil’ to me, not butter. So my version is much softer than the original recipe turns out to be. If you want a more fudge consistency – use 1/2 cup of melted solid coconut oil.

3. Add the salt, spices and syrup, and blend again. (Bet you’re wishing you’d gone for the taller container now, eh?)

4. Fill up a plastic container and smooth out. Put container into the freezer for a while.If you used the solid oil this will turn into proper fudge like consistency that you can cut easily and dip in chocolate if you want. If, like me, you used creamed coconut this will never really firm up to being solid until it’s totally frozen and will start to melt almost immediately. Don’t panic.

5. The softish mix can be used a desert in and of itself, almost like a mousse. It can also be left to become firm in the freezer. Then it can be shaped into small balls. Put these back in freezer to firm up again (the handling will have softened it up quite a bit).

6. The firm balls (ooh err missus, that didn’t turn out as I’d intended!) can now be dunked in the chocolate of your choice. I had some Jasmine flavoured white chocolate that I had left over from making bars of said flavour. I thought it would be nice with the strawberry. I found that the white chocolate was warm enough, even when tempered, to start melting the truffles. This meant that the coating was decidedly patchy, and so needed to be left to dry and then be re-coated.

Though I felt that the jasmine hint complemented the fresh strawberry taste that was still strongly present, I find that the white addition was a bit sweet overall for my taste, but I’m not big on white, I like my chocolate like my men, as the joke goes, rich and dark! 😉

Not many pictures here, as I got incredibly sticky, oily and covered in pink goo. I didn’t think the camera would appreciate being handled by me in that state! Bad Jill, hangs ears down in shame, must try harder.

Enjoy your messy pink goo and dipping in chocolate. There is a knack to that in itself which really only comes with practice, and I’m still hit or miss getting a good finish, so feel free to do lots of chocolate kersplunking!