A Moroccan romance!

Spearmint and Clove in milk chocolate is one of the flavours that I make for Just Be Botanicals – a range of lovely skin care. I make flavours that use the same oils or herbs and try to tie in with the skin care ranges that is made by them. Spearmint and Clove is branded under the ‘ Active’ label.

While I was working making some more of it today I found that it was overtempering quickly. This may be because the weather had turned a little cooler today but I still had the air conditioning up full blast. The metal bowl at the top was chilling too quickly and causing the rest of the bowl to thicken up faster than I had anticipated.

IMG_4242 the overtempered chocolate isn’t releasing the bubbles even with lots of tapping and vibration, which normally works 😦

Now the Spearmint and Clove bars for Gail don’t have any topping on the back, as a result they should be smooth as a baby’s behind – hmm, not so much with today’s batch. I decided to give up sooner rather than later with this batch but thought – what to do with it now. I’ve not read her new packaging for the flavour but the flavours reminded me of Moroccan or African cuisine, and the rest as they say, is history.

As soon as I thought Moroccan, I thought -more spices! I made a cinnamon and cardamom (of course!) sugar, using fairtrade Billington’s soft granulated sugar and coconut palm sugar in a 1:1 ratio, then added ground cinnamon and cardamom to taste. I personally think that the coconut sugar gives a richer flavour but I like the crunchier texture of the granulated, so I like to mix them.

IMG_4238 Coconut palm sugar and fairtrade soft granulated from Billingham’s

IMG_4239 Not the best I know but it was what I had to hand!

IMG_4240 Wonderful stuff – beginning to wonder if I can get addicted to it?! I’m adding it to so much… I get lot of my ingredients, including this from Tree Harvest


Then I wanted to pick up on the mint, so added some crystallised peppermint to the bar too. While I had powdered orange I really wanted to use powdered lemon to add to the chocolate itself, but as I didn’t have it I just thought I’d wait for another time to see if I can locate some and try it later.

IMG_4241The crystallised mint

I’m rather fond of this spin off and throw together, if not a full blown romance, at least a holiday affair!

IMG_4244 Finished bars, bubbles nicely covered up! just waiting for them to cool before releasing and packaging.