Garden Reclamation

We’re being given a hand with the garden from a friend – at least from her eldest son (15) and one of his friends too. As she delicately put it – ” Jill, you need all the help you can get!” If I only I could be sure she was only talking about the garden ūüėČ


I haven’t had much time to use the waste material for food/ herbal/dye experiments but there’s plenty of biomass of all the types still there to work with.

Plans are afoot to move ferrets and sheds to various places in the garden so we can put in another outbuilding that will house more choccy related stuff . As I’m travelling to the kitchen a lot it makes sense to bring it closer; it ¬†avoids rent, reduces travelling time and fuel costs. The outhouse where the chocolate will go is already there but there’s not a lot of room in it and I’ve found that dehydrators and chocolate making don’t work well together, so the new ‘lodge’ will have wet stuff – oven,stove, dehydrators etc in it to prevent over heating and humidity issues with the chocs. At least that’s the plan….

So to work on garden, hacking, cutting, slashing, managing teenagers (deep sigh), actually, to be fair, the friend’s son is pretty good and reliable, the friend, mheh, not so much…

IMG_4252¬†Uncovering nice things loitering with lack of intent . I’d forgotten this was here!

IMG_4253¬†this area has a surprising amount of good quality raspberries in amongst the willowherb and nettles, so I plan to grow soft fruit here when it’s all done.


IMG_4251 Stumps still to be dug out but at least we can see where it is now, sans nettles. Sycamore are incredibly fast growers that latch onto any place to grow. Pests.


IMG_4254 Cleared area, just about ready for levelling. Bricks, hardcore and sand are now in bags there ready for a good flat base for the ferret cages Рbasically chicken coops Рthey have good bedding, hutch and run around space for them!

IMG_4256  IMG_4257 Snowberry gone completely riotous! All needs hacked back.

The area ( pictures above)is going to have a stair/decking/style arrangement so we can get into the top bit of garden. It’s all steep and built on a hill. My fantasy is permaculture based gardening schemes up here. It’s a mass of sycamore over the wall and if we took it out it would erode the hillside, so trying to think of ways of working with it…answers or ideas freely welcome!

It was very wet today so the boys decided not to come over – then it cleared up and I ventured out when it was drier – only to hurry back in less than an hour later with Cowdenbeath’s version of a tropical rainstorm. It has been very muggy and humid around here today.

IMG_4261 monsoon season!

More development to come – I really want the outhouse ready and yard cleared so we get the okay from health and hygiene – lots to still do, and I want to play with the plants and experiment re dyeing with them. What I’d like to do is to make a book out of the garden itself to chart it’s progress and the process…